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Computer Delivered – IELTS

As well as IELTS, CD-IELTS means for Computer Delivered – International English Language Testing System. Although both the exams are the same, the medium of delivery is different as IELTS is written on paper and CD-IELTS is conducted using computer.

Since, CD-IELTS exam use computer for its execution, students must be proficient in using computers. For instance, they must be able to type fast and accurately for the writing section of CD-IELTS. Furthermore, they should be comfortable reading passages and questions on the computer screen and marking answers to them.

Here is a detailed comparison between IELTS and CD-IELTS:

  • CD-IELTS uses a computer to mark/type all answers, while IELTS uses pen/pencil to mark/write on the answer sheet
  • Reading section questions in IELTS are answered on the given paper, while CD-IELTS questions are answered from a computer screen.
  • In IELTS, students must write their thoughts about the given topics on paper, whereas in CD-IELTS, students must type their thoughts on the computer.
  • In the Listening section, candidates are required to answer questions while the audio is playing, so they must read the questions from a question booklet and mark their answers on the answer sheet. IELTS and CD-IELTS questions are displayed on a computer and students must mark the answers.
  • IELTS results are evaluated manually, whereas CD-IELTS answer sheets are verified by computer software/system.

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